Saturday, April 28, 2012

Allegedly Lawmaker's Sex Video Politically Motivated?

It seems that some of Indonesian lawmakers never learn one thing: beware of what you record in your gadget. After legislator Yahya Zaini (Golkar), Max Moein (PDIP), and Arifinto (PKS), now young beautiful lawmaker Karolin Margret Natasa (PDIP) is said to be recorded in a hot video released at a website since last week.
Yahya Zaini was recorded together with a dangdut singer Eva Maria in 2006 and it costs his seat in parliament. Max Moein naked pictures with his secretary were circulating in internet and lead to his dismissal from the House of Representatives in 2008. Arifinto was caught watching pornographic video in a plenary session of the House by a photo journalist and although he denied that he intended to watch the video and argued that he only opened email attachment, he resigned from the parliament.
Now some have talk about politically motivated video circulation of Karolin playing sex with an activist - some people said he was Elya Muskitta. Her father is West Kalimantan Governor and in this year he will run for the second term. Some others talk about business motives since Karolin and Elya run business together. The case is still under investigation.
But such cases show a new development that technology can be used as a weapon in politics. It can ease our life, but like two sharp edges of the sword: it can also mean danger for your job!

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