Monday, October 03, 2011

LG: 3% marketshare in Indonesian mobile market

According to, LG Electronics has penetrated 3% of Indonesian mobile phone market. "The share is small, but (at least) we are stable", said David Tjokro, Marketing Director of PT. LG Electronics Indonesia.
The market is very though although Indonesian market with more than 180 million potential mobile subscribers (of 230 million Indonesians) is seen very lucrative. Kim Weon Dae, President Director of PT. LG Electronics Indonesia had talked about 15% market share in 2012 according to They will launch 30 new phones, one of them is the brand new Optimus 3D. This phone has 3D screen, which enable customer to enjoy 3D without any 3D googles. Kim claimed that it is still a unique product which other vendor doesn't have. This year LG ELectronics is targetting 6% share, a significant jump from 3% present market share.
Moreover LG Electronics is trying to "bundle" its mobile products with home appliances like its washing machine. The customer can "detect" her washing machine's problem herself, thanks to LG's Android mobile technology.
Last year LG has sold 22 million phones with sales value 23 trillion rupiahs (2.5 billion USD).