Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ICR failed in Indonesian Election

An Indonesian news portal article criticized the decision to choose Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) as a method to report the counts result from regional level to the central data center in Jakarta. It is reported that M. Shalahuddien of Indonesia Security Incident Responses Team on Internet Infrastructure (ID-SIRTII) mentioned some reason why this decision was already in the beginning criticized from many parties. With ICR the reports which are written by hand would be scanned and the characters would be recognized and stored automatically as digital data. However, given the fact that Indonesians have various style ofhand writings (even though the characters are Latin ones), the failure rate could be very high. Not yet accounted is that the power availability in many areas in Indonesia is not stable. It is said that 500 regional chapters of the Election Comittee were giving up already with their tired operators. As the result, the reporting is running very slow than expected.
This is the example how the clarity of the concept may influence the IT implementation.
The Election was held on April 9, in which 11,000 candidates fought for 550 seats in Indonesian parliament. Being voted also were regional representatives (similar with Senator in the US) and the provincial parliament legislatures.