Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mobile phone market boom to be expected in Indonesia

According to Yahoo! News, Telkomsel, one of Indonesia's leading mobile service provider, is targetting to get 7 million new subscribers in 2007. Therefore it is expected that Telkomsel will have 41 million subscribers at the end of 2007, whereas in the end of 2006 it is projected that the subscriber number will reach 34 millions. It is roughly 50% Indonesian market. The market growth in 2007 is expected as much as 15 million subscribers. Having its 35% shares owned by SingTel, Telkomsel is ready to invest approximately US$ 326 millions within 3 years for building its 3G network, in which Siemens has won 70 million euros project.
Indonesia is the largest market in South East Asia, and also a huge mobil phone market. Nokia is planning to launch its new TV-mobile product N92 in Indonesia and Vietnam, probably in November. EMTEK will operate DVB-H network needed for N92 probably with TV programs from subsidiary SCTV. But I can imagine this can be a new trend in Indonesia - especially in the big cities where middle class people stay - as many people should work a whole day and it will be small entertainment for them to watch TV in the middle of traffic jam, for example.

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