Saturday, May 14, 2005


Again and again I went by Busway along Sudirman-Thamrin in Jakarta. I saw that the driver, the gate guards, and of course the passengers can diciplinize themselves, in contrary with one public opinion that Indonesian will never be able to act in order, instead they should more likely to act "semau gue" ("according to my desire").
But it doesn't happen in Busway. The construction is designed in the way so that the pasenger should buy first the ticket, then insert the ticket to the ticket machine, which allow him to pass and wait until the bus comes. There is no prompt stop outside the stops and no people overrides the system. Everything run well.
I think we should appreciate Governor Sutiyoso for his intiative. I can say this is the only success he has made in Jakarta :-) unless he could remake his corrupt and untransparent bureacracy.

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